About Thomas Bonderup

My name is Thomas Bonderup. I am 22 years old and comes from a small city called Aalborg in Denmark. I run my own web development business and wine subscription business. You can check out my portfolio if you want to see the websites I have built.

I have been playing handball almost all of my youth and I have therefore a lot of experience in sport at the highest level. I don’t play handball at the moment, but I am still very active. I like running and strength training. I write about handball on haandboldnationen.dk and strength training + bodybuilding on blivstor.dk.


Computer Science Degree at University College Nordjylland(Aug. 2013- Jan. 2016)

  • System Construction (1st semester)
  • System Design (1st & 2nd semester)
  • Information Technology in Organisations (1st & 2nd semester)
  • Computer Architecture and Operating Systems (2nd semester)
  • Software Construction (2nd semester)
  • Software Architecture and Distributed Programming (3rd semester)
  • Computer Network and Distributed Systems (3rd semester)
  • Web Programming (ASP.net) (3rd semester)
  • Specialization in Robotics (AI and self driving cars) (4th semester)
  • Agile System Development (XP and Scrum) (4th semester)
  • Internship at TB Coding (5th semester)
  • Final Project – Web Scraping and ASP.NET MVC (5th semester)

Courses I have studied in my robotics specialization at my 4th semester.

Other courses I have studied in my spare time.