Prestashop change currency bug fix

I did some freelance prestashop development for last week. They had a bug with their prestashop currency block module, so they couldn’t change currencies in their front-end. I did a quick google search and I found out that a lot of other people had the same kind of bug, but it was hard to find a solution for the problem(many hours wasted).

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TB Coding is now a reality

I just started my first real company and i’m really excited. It’s my own one man company which focuses on web development and it’s called TB Coding. You can check out the danish website for TB Coding here: Denmark is where I live and that’s my primary market at the moment. I have a .com domain ready for a more global expansion of TB Coding, but that has to wait for now.

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Online courses for computer science students

Here are 3 good online courses for computer science students. You can use the courses as a supplement to your college education. If you are self taught I really recommend you to learn all you can from these online courses for computer science students, so you get a good foundation. They will help you a lot if you want to work in the industry. Online courses are a good way to gain knowledge. There are also a loot of good books when it comes to Computer Science. Here is a list of some of the computer science books I have used as a computer science student.

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