Become CO2 neutral

Vitapus is a unique initiative that helps businesses and individuals understand and take action for their environmental impact. Through different CO2 neutral solutions Vitapus make it possible to support various sustainable projects and become CO2 neutral. Common to all these projects is that they are CO2 reducing and approved by Gold Standard. Gold Standard is started by the WWF.

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New partnership agreement between TB Coding and Vinoli

TB Coding has just signed a new partnership agreement with, who sells wine on subscription. I’m now responsible for all the technical tasks, search engine optimization and google adwords on

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DanDomain new customer at TB Coding

I have had the honor of helping DanDomain with search engine optimization of their website DanDomain sells several products on the Danish market – domains, web hosting and various IT solutions. DanDomain is especially known for their DanDomain ecommerce that many large Danish ecommerce websites use.

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