Bridge WordPress Theme WooCommerce Product Description Tabs Fix

I have been working a lot with the Bridge wordpress theme lately. It’s a really nice looking wordpress theme that got a lot of cool features.

The WooCommerce product description is hidden in a tabs feature by default in the Bridge theme, so the customer have to click to see the product description each time.

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Prestashop change currency bug fix

I did some freelance prestashop development for last week. They had a bug with their prestashop currency block module, so they couldn’t change currencies in their front-end. I did a quick google search and I found out that a lot of other people had the same kind of bug, but it was hard to find a solution for the problem(many hours wasted).

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Windsurf Webshop Case – Prestashop webshop example is a new Windsurf Webshop, that I have built for Nicolaj Klitgaard Frederiksen. He is a professional windsurfer from Denmark, who wanted to start selling windsurf equipment online. He contacted me and asked if I could help him with his new windsurf webshop. He wanted a low budget solution that could help him start selling in Denmark at the beginning, and then scale up to other markets later on. Windsurfing is a little niche in Denmark, so a scalable ecommerce solution was a must.

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How to build a MVCForum

This is a tutorial on how to build a MVCForum. I launched a new website this week called, which is a new handball MVCForum. Here can handball players and handball trainers from Denmark meet and debate handball related topics. Handball is a big sport in Denmark and there are a lot of players, fans and trainers out there who want to debate handball. There is no handball forum in Denmark at all so I think this forum can grow pretty big in a small amount of time.

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TB Coding is now a reality

I just started my first real company and i’m really excited. It’s my own one man company which focuses on web development and it’s called TB Coding. You can check out the danish website for TB Coding here: Denmark is where I live and that’s my primary market at the moment. I have a .com domain ready for a more global expansion of TB Coding, but that has to wait for now.

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How I build a Gadget Blog is one of my newest web projects. It is a Gadget Blog where you can find all sorts of gadgets from different online stores in Denmark. My goal is to make it easier for the customers to find gadgets online. The website has already earned some money, and I am very excited about the future. You can use this guide “How I build a Gadget Blog” to build a website similar to

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My web projects is my first web project, which I started in August 2012. The reason I started building the website was because I felt there was missing a good handball blog on the internet. There are a lot of handball news sites, but not so many websites that helps handball players get better at handball. I have been playing handball since I was very little, and after all those years I have become pretty good at it. So I try to share my handball experience with other handball players, so they don’t make the same kind of mistakes I made. I have for example written a lot about handball training, handball strength training, nutrition and all such stuff that helps handball players get better at handball.  I have also written a lot about handball equipment, like what kind of handballshoes to choose etc. I do a lot of affiliate marketing on for, which is one of the biggest handball shops in Denmark.

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