Become CO2 neutral

Vitapus is a unique initiative that helps businesses and individuals understand and take action for their environmental impact. Through different CO2 neutral solutions Vitapus make it possible to support various sustainable projects and become CO2 neutral. Common to all these projects is that they are CO2 reducing and approved by Gold Standard. Gold Standard is started by the WWF.

Become CO2 neutral

Vitapus is the only company in the world that offers to make your Facebook page CO2 neutral. Facebook emits large amount of CO2 annually, primarily because of their large data centers. These data centers require a lot of energy and cooling. In 2015 Facebook emitted 649,000 tonnes of CO2, this is equivalent to the average annual emissions from 138,000 cars.

If your company choose to make your Facebook Page CO2 neutral, you will take responsibility for the amount of CO2 annually emitted from the Facebook page and its followers. The amount of CO2 emitted from the use of your Facebook page will be offset by Vitapus through investment in sustainable projects. This is done for example through erection of renewable energy sources or distribution of climate-friendly cook stoves in developing countries.

As part of our green initiative, called Go Green On Facebook, you can achieve a green business profile and a CO2 neutral Facebook Page. All participants receive a certificate confirming their participation, our green icon for your website, links to your website from our sites and much more.

Vitapus also make it possible to take action for your impact on the environment in other ways. At Vitapus you can buy as many CO2 credits as you wish. One CO2 credit is equivalent to one tonne of CO2 neutralized. CO2 credits are used as a tool to finance sustainable CO2 reduction projects. You can read more at Vitapus’ website and learn how much CO2 you need to offset to become CO2 neutral

Vitapus can also calculate various CO2 emitting activities such as air and car transportation. That means you can make your transport CO2 neutral. You will of course receive a certificate confirming your neutralization.

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