just got a makeover is my bodybuilding blog and it just got a makeover. I have changed the design a lot so the site looks more clean and nice. You can check the picture below if you want to see before and after pictures. The site is built in wordpress and I use a wordpress theme called Avada.

One of the major changes was that I changed to the site layout from being boxed to being wide(full width). This is for example boxed, so you can see the difference if you go to Another thing I did was removing the topmenu and then moving the main menu to the top. I changed the background color to black and the text color to white in the main menu. That gives the site a more rough look that fits well with the bodybuilding and fitness industry. I gave the menu a border-bottom: 3px solid #057791; which gives a nice blue lines under the menu. I did the same thing with the border top instead in the content and sidebar.

I didn’t like the black menu and white background contrast, so I changed some of the background to a grey color. I think that will increase the readability a bit compared to just black and white background.

I added something called Avada tabs to the sidebar, so that the reader can use it to see the popular or lastest post with. You can change the Avada tabs translation(popular and lastest) in the avada theme folder –> framework –> widgets –> tabs_widget.php. I also changed the design for the sidemenu. There is some stupid greather than symbol by default in the sidemenu, so I used this css trick to remove it: #sidebar .widget li a:before { content: “” !important;}.

Another major change was that I removed the ads in the sidebar and menu. A lot of people use adblock these days, so they do not see them anyway. Those who don’t use adblock, now have a more clean website to read on. So i’m a little excited to see the google analytics data for the couple of days. before before after after

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