Just completed my Computer Science Degree

Yay I just completed my Computer Science Degree at UCN with top grade in the last exam. It was celebrated with a good night out with my friends.

The last exam took 50 minutes(30 minutes presentation and 20 minutes with question). The last exam was a final project(product and report), that I have been coding/writing with Christian Schachner from CsDevelop.

MVC and Web Scraping

We have been building a drone price comparison website in ASP.NET MVC and a python web scraper based on a web crawling framework called scrapy. It was very exiting, because web scraping can automate a lot of work in a affiliate marketing business. It’s something that I can use in my own artificial intelligence consulting business TB Coding.

SCRUM and Extreme Programming

Another big part of the project was about the software development process. We used a lot of practices from SCRUM and XP in our software development. The project was 5 sprints, which was 1 week long each(4 days of coding and 1 day to review, retrospective and planning).

Plan for the next months

My plan for the next couple of months is to continue my CS learning on my own, where I will do a lot of work in my own business(Affiliate marketing and freelance web development).

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