Drone pilot education

There are so many possibilities with drones in Denmark and all over the world in general, especially if you get a drone pilot education. Denmark has a good it infrastructure, large agriculture, a lot of wind power, military, fire service, beautiful nature and many more things where drones can be used. If you want to be the leader in the field, I recommend you to take a drone pilot education. There are many laws when it comes to flying with drones in general, and you’ll have an easier time being approved by the authorities, if you take drone pilot education. I would strongly recommend some sort of drone pilot training.

DanDrone is a danish drone company, and they have a 3 day drone pilot course which teaches you all the basics about drones, so you can be approved by the danish authorities. The course has 6 modules.

Day 1

  • Laws and regulations for the operation of drones in Denmark
  • Drone-equipment technical structure and functions

Day 2

  • Practical flight training part 1
  • Practical flight training part 2

Day 3

  • Safety procedures for flight
  • Risk analysis and

When taking the course you will also meet other persons interested in drones , and there are good opportunities to connect with other people.

What can you do with a drone pilot education?

Here is a list of things you can do with a drone pilot education.

Drone pilot in agriculture

There are a lot of farmers in Denmark and all around the world that could use some help from drones. Drones are really good at giving an overview of the farm ‘s fields from air, and that is very valuable for the farmer. Then the farmer can see where he needs to optimize his fields. There are good opportunities with drones in agriculture in the future because of the growth in human population.

Drone pilot in the wind industry

Denmark has a lot of windmills and they needs to be inspected from time to time. Drones are very good at this, because they can fly close to windmills and film if there are some damage.

Drone pilot in the Fire service

Some fire departments in Denmark are already using drones in their work. Overview of the fire is very good help for the fire department, because then they can for example see where to apply water and how many fire workers are needed etc.

Start you own drone business

You can for example start selling drones or you can take picture that you sell online. You can also make videos with your drone, that you put on youtube.com and make money that way.

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  • Dean Jenkinson

    May 3, 2018

    Hello Tomas, Good day,

    I wonder if you can please give me some advice ? I what to do a Commercial Drone Pilots Education / Training course, I am a qualified British Civilian Aviation Authority (CAA) & I would like the same Danish Qualification, So my question is no you know of a CAA Approved Drone Pilot training provider in Denmark who would teach the course in English !

    I think we have emailed each other in the past, I have tried the Drone Academy but they are so slow 🙁 I first spoke to them back in February 2018 & last week & again today & they still have no idea of when they will run a course ! So if you have any advance of guidance, that we be a great help.

    Dean Jenkinson


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