Follow Evan Carmichael on youtube

If you are an entrepreneur and you want some daily motivation or some new entrepreneur knowledge, then you have to follow Evan Carmichael on youtube. The first things you have to do on his channel are to watch his top 10 rules for success videos. You can learn a lot from these videos. You can start by watching Jack Ma’s top 10 rules for success. Jack Ma’s is the man behind Alibaba.

Elon Musk’s top 10 rules for success is also a great video. Elon Musk is the man who created Paypal, Tesla and SpaceX.

Evan Carmichael also upload videos about business, where he gives you tips, that you can use in your own business. You will also get inspiration to read new books about entrepreneurship and all other kind of good stuff. All his videos are short and on point, so you don’t waste any time at all.

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