Good ways to gain knowledge

Here are good ways to gain knowledge in the year 2015. The right knowledge combined with action are the way to go, if you want success, love and happiness.


Watching videos are a good way to gain knowledge. You don’t use much “brain power” when you watch videos, because you can watch and listen at the same time. All you have do is sit back and watch and learn. Youtube is a wonderful place when it comes to gaining knowledge. You can watch videos at 2x speed and there are a lot of good content on youtube. If you want success, love and happiness I recommend you to follow Tai Lopez and Evan Carmichael on youtube.


Podcasts and audiobooks are also a good way to gain knowledge. You can listen to them in your car or when you go for a walk/run.


Seminars both online and offline are a good really way to gain knowledge. I have been watching Tai Lopez’s seminars lately, and it’s crazy so much I have learned. Try to attend a seminar once a month if you can.


I like to read biographies and books about the field i’m in to get more knowledge. I have made a entrepreneur reading list if you need book inspiration. Every time that I have invested in a book, have been worth it multiple times the money I have spend.


You should always be learning something new, and courses are really good at this. Try to attend two courses all the time for the rest of you life. It don’t have to be much each day, but if you make progress each day, you are really good to go. You could for example attend a drone pilot course, so you can learn more about drones. With that knowledge you could for example start your own little drone business, that could make you some passive income. Most people go to college and get a job when they are done, and then they stop learning. You should be learning your whole life. Not just only in college.

Udacity, Khan Academy, Codecademy, Mit OpenCourseWare has a lot of good online courses, that you can attend for free today. Udacity is really nice if you looking for more advanced courses. I took for example their Artificial Intelligence for Robotics in my robotics self study and it was so awesome.

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