How I build a Gadget Blog is one of my newest web projects. It is a Gadget Blog where you can find all sorts of gadgets from different online stores in Denmark. My goal is to make it easier for the customers to find gadgets online. The website has already earned some money, and I am very excited about the future. You can use this guide “How I build a Gadget Blog” to build a website similar to


WordPress is a content management system, that requires little coding skills at all. You can install it with a 1 click installer on almost all webhosts and then you are ready to go. All you need to get started today with a website is a webhost and a domain and then you are ready to go.

WordPress Theme Avada

There are a lot of powerfull wordpress themes out there, and Avada is one of them. I use it pretty much on all my sites, because it can do so many things. Avada is worth all the money and really something you should check out.

WordPress Plugins


This plugin protects your from all sorts of spam. Comment spam, trackback spam etc.

Contact Form 7

Contat form 7 is really good for making a contact page, where people can email you.

Edit Author SLug

This plugin can change the author url, so visitors can’t find your login username to the backend of your wordpress site. The author url is the login username by default and you should try to hide it, so you don’t get hacked easy.

Fusion Core

Fusion Core is a powerfull plugin that comes with avada. It contains all sort of shortcodes that you can use to build your site. If you want to change something about the shortcodes, you have to change the code in this plugin. I have for example added no-follow to my shortcode buttons and that is because all my buttons are affiliate links. You can’t for some reason not add rel attribute to buttons in avada manually, so you have to custom code this yourself. But I think avada will fix this in the future. Also remember to use change your h2 tags til h1 in avada.

LayerSlider WP and Revolution Slider

These two plugins comes with Avada and you use them to make sliders.

Table of Contents Plus

I like to have a table of contents in my blog posts. This plugins makes them, so you don’t have to make then yourself.

W3 Total Cache

Use this plugin to speed up your website. It’s can a little tricky, but there are a lot of good guides out there.


I use WooCommerce to get the grid-like layout on my website. Normally you would use WooCommerce to a online store, but I found it useful for my gadget site. Remember to use h1 tags under each product.

WordPress SEO

One of the best SEO plugin for wordpress. Something you have to install on your wordpress site. There are also a lot of guides about how to use this plugin.

Pictures on my wordpress blog

I use product pictures from the different online stores that I promote. It is a good idea to write to the owner and ask if you can use their pictures. To edit the product pictures i Paint.NET. I use pretty much only use the scaling feature, so I can scale the product pictures, so they all have the same size.

3 tips for get success with your gadget blog

Write a lot of content

I have a lot of products on my sites and I try to aim at 300+ words on each product, and then I also write 2000 words plus guides. That way I get a lot of product and some good quality guides.

Use social media

Use google+, facebook, twitter, instagram etc.

Linkbuild a lot

Get all sorts of links from “good” websites. Don’t buy links, and don’t spam links all over the place. Get links from relevant gadget blogs, forums, electronic sites etc. Be active and comment a lot on others peoples blogs.


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