How I stay healthy

Learn more how I stay healthy for longer periods of time. Here are some of the things I do to stay healthy as a programmer.

Eating healthy

What I eat and how much I eat have the biggest impact on my body. If I eat more calories than my body burns during the day, then I gain weight. If I eat less calories than my body burns, then I loose weight. It works the same way for you.

My height is 189 cm and my weight is around 90 kg’s and I’m pretty happy with that. My goal is the lower my body fat percentage so I eat a little less each day, so I can loose some fat over a longer period of time while keeping as much muscle as possible.

Here are some eating healthy tricks:

  • Eat 2 g of protein for each kg body weight
  • Eat a lot of eggs, meat, milk, tuna, salmon, oats, peanutbutter, nuts, vegetables
  • Eat a vitamin pill and fish oil each day.
  • Don’t eat so much sugar, fastfood, ice cream etc.
  • Eat many small meals during the day

Work out everyday

I don’t do so much sport anymore that I used to do, but I try to work out everyday. I have a bad groin-injury and shoulder-injury that prevents me from doing sport at the highest level. My daily work out routine are 40-60 minutes of weight lifting and some kind of cardio/walking. The cardio/walking is so important for my health, because I sit down most of the day. I study computer science and I build websites and that requires a lot of sitting on a chair. I try to stand up or go for a little walk every hour for 5-10 minutes. By doing that I don’t sit down for hours and I also get a break. I stand up working sometimes, but I mostly sit down on a chair. I focus best that way.

I also like to go for a walk with my dog. We have a beautiful nature in Denmark and good mobile internet, so it’s pretty cool. I typically listen to audiobooks on youtube when I walking with my dog. When I take breaks every hour and go for a walk with my dog two-three times a day I don’t even have to go for a run. It works pretty good for me that way.

My weight lifting routine at the moments is a 3 split program. Chest/triceps, Legs/abs, Back/biceps.

Drink a lot of water

I drink about 3-4 liters of water everyday. It helps me stay hydrated and water is very healthy for the body. Especially when I work out a lot. I bring me a bottle of water all the time, so I can drink water every now and then. If you tend to get headache try to drink more water.

Sleep minimum 8 hours

I try to sleep minimum 8 hours each day. The reason for that Is that I want good result with my training, and sleep is so important for making good gains. I also feel a lot more fresh and sharp in my head, when I sleep minimum 8 hours. But I don’t always sleep 8 hours. I have periods when I work really hard and here I sleep like 4-6 hours each day. But I only do that for a short period of time. It don’t work for me if keep doing that over a longer period of time. So most of the time I sleep minimum 8 hours and then I have periods when I work a little more instead of sleeping so much.

One of my next projects to become more healthy is to buy some kind of smartwatch, so I can track my daily work out and keep track of my sleep schedule.

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