How to build a MVCForum

This is a tutorial on how to build a MVCForum. I launched a new website this week called, which is a new handball MVCForum. Here can handball players and handball trainers from Denmark meet and debate handball related topics. Handball is a big sport in Denmark and there are a lot of players, fans and trainers out there who want to debate handball. There is no handball forum in Denmark at all so I think this forum can grow pretty big in a small amount of time.

Why I use MVCForum

I started with a small wordpress forum on my handball site, where I used the a wordpress forum plugin called bbpress. The amount features in this plugin are very limited, so I started looking for other opportunities. I came across after a little research and I decided to check it out. There are a lot of demo’s on the site, where you can see how other people and companies use MVCForum on the internet. I was hooked right away and I decided to make a separate handball forum. So I bought a domain and hosting the same day and started to get the MVCForum up and running.

MVCForum Installation

MVCForum is a ASP.NET Opensource MVC Forum, which is free to use. All you need is a domain and hosting. I use unoeuro as hosting for my websites. They are cheap and I have all my other sites here. To install and get the website up and running, I used the Windows Web App Gallery for MVCForum. It’s a lot easier to install MVCForum if you enable mixed authentication in SQL Server Management Studio. After the installation I uploaded the files and database to my hosting and changed the connectionstring in the web.config and then the forum was up and running. I use MVCForum v1.7 on

MVCForum Features

MVCForum has a lot of nice features. Users can:

  • Use social login – Facebook, Google, Twitter etch
  • Private message
  • Create topics, posts, polls
  • Edit their own profile
  • Get badges

There are a lot of nice setting in the backend of MVCForum. Here are some example of the settings in the backend:

  • General settings
  • Points settings
  • Email settings
  • Theme settings
  • Starting Role settings
  • Language setting
  • Spam Prevention

Share your MVCForum

Please share your MVCForum in the comments below. I would love to see what you have done with MVCForum.

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