Intro to Artificial Intelligence

Here is some of my notes and thoughts from the following course: Intro to Artificial Intelligence – Learn the Fundamentals of AI.

Examples of places where AI are used

AI in Finance

There are a lot of AI used in finance. Here are AI typically used as a trading agent to make trading decisions based on different kind of information, news, rates, old information etc. This information can the AI use to make better decisions when buying or selling stocks, bond etc. in the market.

AI in Robotics

AI are also used a lot in robotics where the robots use AI to interact with the environment. The robot uses some sensors the get information and then robot will do different kind of things based on this information.

AI in Games

AI are used to make games harder and make games feel more natural. You can for example play against the computer in a lot of games, and here is the computer based on some AI. The computer makes some moves based on your moves. The makes games a lot harder and much more fun to play. A lot AI are also used to make people do certain things, so everything feels more natural. An example could be npc’s in town that walks around and does different kind of things that a normal human would do.

AI in Medicine

In medicine are AI used a lot as a diagnostic agent that based on some information from a patient can make a diagnose of the sickness. Then the doctor can use that information to give the right medicine, treatment etc.

AI on the Internet

AI are used a lot on the internet. Search, crawling, analyzing, spam filters etc. Many of the big companies Microsoft, Google, Apple use a lot of AI in their business.

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