Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

We celebrate Christmas December 24th in Denmark. It was a good day with a lot of good Christmas food and Christmas fun with my family.

My Christmas gifts 2016 was awesome. I got a brand new coffee machine with thermos and a super cool Star Wars coffee cup. I also got 2 new books for Christmas: The everything big – Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon and the book understand your wine. 2 good books because I run an online wine shop on a daily basis. I also got a new computer bag where there is room for paper and portable and so on. It is always good with new things that can be used for work.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

How was 2016 for my part?

2016 has been a very exciting year for my part. I went full time with my own business TB Coding at the end of January 2016. Soon I have been self-employed for a full year full time. My business has been growing a lot this year, and I’m ready for a new exciting year as an independent contractor.

What will happen in 2017?

In 2017, I will continue my work in TB Coding. There are a lot of new websites to be made for my current customers and new customers. I also have a large project in the pipeline, which I would like to have launched during 2017.

I think 2017 will be the year where gets its big breakthrough. It is a new wine shop, which I’m a part of. We sell wine on subscription – a new brilliant concept on the Danish market. My job is to develop a lot of new features, and do SEO and Google Adwords work in a tough market.

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