My web projects is my first web project, which I started in August 2012. The reason I started building the website was because I felt there was missing a good handball blog on the internet. There are a lot of handball news sites, but not so many websites that helps handball players get better at handball. I have been playing handball since I was very little, and after all those years I have become pretty good at it. So I try to share my handball experience with other handball players, so they don’t make the same kind of mistakes I made. I have for example written a lot about handball training, handball strength training, nutrition and all such stuff that helps handball players get better at handball.  I have also written a lot about handball equipment, like what kind of handballshoes to choose etc. I do a lot of affiliate marketing on for, which is one of the biggest handball shops in Denmark. was my second website, which I started February 2013. It is a website about bodybuilding, where I write about nutrition, weight equipment, weight training, weightlifting shoes etc. I have a big passion for sport, especially strength training and that is the main reason for the website. It was my first real affiliate website.  I like the idea of building online money machines(passive income) and it is something I spend a lot of my spare time on. was my third website, which I started November 2014. It is a website that collects information about gadgets from a lot of different webshops, so the consumer can get a better overview of gadgets on the web. My big focus are gadgets of the future. Drones, smartwatches etc. You can therefore find a lot of guides on I have for example written a guide about drone pilot education, which can help the future drone experts. Drones are a large industry that only grows in the future, and here are plenty of good job opportunities. is a new web project that I have started. It’s a price comparison site that compares mobile subscriptions, mobile broadband, broadband, TV and streaming. The potential with this web project is much bigger, because the niche is a lot broader. The main focus on prissamleren is to help the costumers with a lot of good texts and videos. There are many price comparison sites on the Internet, but most of these only shows products, and does not help customers with their specific problems. Here are more free to each customer to find a new subscription, and it is not always easy. is an E-Commerce website, which I am a part of. Here we sell wine on subscription – a new concept in the danish wine industry.

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