New E-commerce Website – Sørensen Biobrændsel

TB Coding just lanced a new E-commerce Website for one of my costumers Soerensen Biobraendsel. It’s a WooCommerce webshop that I’ve have been building for the last couple of months.

Soerensen Biobraendsel

Soerensen  Biobraendsel sells biofuel on the new webshop – they mostly wood pellets in bulk – both separate pellets and pellets on pallets. Soerensen Biobraendsel also sells sand, gravel and granite, which can be ordered through the website. I have built rental functionality into the website, so Soerensen Biobraendsel can rent out their machines/equipment to their clients. is owned by a Danish company called Soerensen Transport which is a carrier company. They have a large fleet of trucks which they use to solve a lot of problem for their customers. They have also been selling biofuel for a lot of years now. The new webshop will help the company with sell more biofuel online in the coming years.

Sales of wood pellets, briquettes and alternative biofuel

Biofuel product on is divided into products sold per tons and pallets goods. The pallets goods are products with are packed in bags and sold per pallet.

Soerensen Biobraendsel have a small selection of biofuels – only high quality products – so the costumers can easily find good biofuel.

Biofuel sold per tons

Many product on the new webshop are sold per tons, where the customers can choose how many tons he/she wants. There is a built in an option, where the customer can choose type of delivery – tipped of blown in.

There are built dynamics prices into the biofuel sold per tons, which makes the prices cary depending on how many tons ordered. The customer can, for example, save some money per tons if they choose order many tons of biofuel.

Biofuel sold per tons

Biofuel pallet goods

Pallet goods are ordered like any other product on a normal webshop – here the customer can select how many pallets he/she wants to buy. Soerensen Biobraendsel has for example the popular V-lux pellets in both 6 mm and 8 mm, which can be purchased on pallets of 975 kg in total.

Biofuel pallet goods

Biofuel product coverage feature

There is built a smart coverage feature on the new webshop, where the customer can see which area Soerensen Biobraendsel delivers their products. It gives a good impression to the customer, instead of these tables with ZIP codes that are hard to read. You can see how coverage/delivery area look on the picture below.

Biofueld product coverage feature

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