New partnership agreement between TB Coding and Vinoli

TB Coding has just signed a new partnership agreement with, who sells wine on subscription. I’m now responsible for all the technical tasks, search engine optimization and google adwords on

I have previously helped vinoli as a webmaster with small wordpress tasks. The partnership has then evolved over time, and we have now made a new partnership agreement.

Vinoli founders are good at sales

The founders of Vinoli are very good salespeople, but they do not have much experience with WordPress, search engine optimization and google adwords. These tasks have they outsourced to TB Coding, so they can continue to grow Vinoli through sales.

I have worked with WordPress and search engine optimization for several years, and I could clearly see a couple of points where their website could be optimized. I am now in the process of making even better.

What is sells wine online on subscription. Their product is called WINEBOX – a box with 3 wines of high quality. You get a WINEBOX as a customer at the beginning of each month. The wine in WINEBOX vary every month, so the customers can try new wines from different parts of the world. The WINEBOX includes a wine guide where the wine is described.

I think it’s a super exciting concept with many options. For example, there are many opportunities with wine, as it often is given as a gift. Birthday Gifts, Christmas, Father’s Day gift, Mother’s Day gift, wedding gift, anniversary gift, etc.

Subscription-based businesses

The new partnership will give me a lot of new knowledge about a subscription-based business. I find this kind of business model very interesting.

Razor and underwear subscription are for instance very popular among men. There are also several companies in the fitness industry that offers fitness food on subscription.

Subscription-based business can be easily scaled out to other markets, because the concept is almost always the same just in a different market.
If you are considering starting a business today, it is worth looking at a subscription based business model.

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