Online courses for computer science students

Here are 3 good online courses for computer science students. You can use the courses as a supplement to your college education. If you are self taught I really recommend you to learn all you can from these online courses for computer science students, so you get a good foundation. They will help you a lot if you want to work in the industry. Online courses are a good way to gain knowledge. There are also a loot of good books when it comes to Computer Science. Here is a list of some of the computer science books I have used as a computer science student.

Introduction to Computer Science I – Harvard OepnCourseWare

The teacher is very good in this courses, and he is very funny. He teaches you much of the basics about computer science, that will help you a lot in the two other courses. The course is very good if you want to get started with computer science. You don’t find anything much better than this :-).

Introduction to Algorithms – MIT 6.006

A good understanding of algorithms will help you a lot, if you want to get ahead in the computer science field. This courses goes through many of the algorithms that you would learn about in a typical computer science degree. It helps a lot if you got know some mathematics. You can use Khan Academy if you want to sharpen you math skills.

Artificial Intelligence for Robotics – Programming a Robotic Car

Artificial intelligence and Self driving cars will become a big trend in the future. So why not get started now and get some knowledge about self driving cars today. Sebastian Thrun is the teacher in the course and if you don’t know him, then google him now. He is one of the best when it comes to self driving cars. I took this course in my own robotics study at my 4th semester as a computer science student.

Artificial Intelligence for Robotics – Programming a Robotic Car

If you know other good online courses for computer science students please share it in a comment below :-).

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