Photos From NASA Apollo Mission

This week have been pretty awesome for all us space enthusiast. My brother sent me a message earlier today that NASA have uploaded photos from the Apollo Missions(moon missions). I was like wow awesome and I checked it out right away. Over 8400 pictures in high definition !!! There are photos from the Apollo spaceship and a lot of photos the Apollo astronauts have taken with their feet on the moon surface. You should definitely check these photos out.

You can find the photos from NASA Apollo Missions on the Project Apollo Archive – Flickr.

Liquid water on Mars

NASA also confirmed they have found liquid water on Mars.

Total Lunar Eclipse

They have also been a Total Lunar Eclipse this week which happens when the sun, earth and the moon are in a straight line. When that happens the earth blocks the sunlight that goes from the sun to the moon. It makes the moon turn red and that’s the reason Total Lunar Eclipse also is called Blood Moon. I didn’t see it myself, but my friend did. He just woke up randomly at night and saw a lot of people looking at the moon outside. He lives close to a telescope(4 meter long and the lens has a 25 cm diameter), which is located in the Urania Observatory. The observatory is located in Denmark in a city called Aalborg. He met one of his neighbors outside and he said that the Urania Observatory was open, so they walked over there. He said there was 50-60 people at the Urania Observatory looking through the telescope in the middle of the night.

SpaceX tour with Elon Musk

I also want to share this video where Elon Musk gives a tour at the SpaceX facility in Hawthorne California.

[youtube id=”TQ6tZtGrShg” width=”781″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]

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