TB Coding is now a reality

I just started my first real company and i’m really excited. It’s my own one man company which focuses on web development and it’s called TB Coding. You can check out the danish website for TB Coding here: TBCoding.dk. Denmark is where I live and that’s my primary market at the moment. I have a .com domain ready for a more global expansion of TB Coding, but that has to wait for now.

The reason I started the company is pretty simple. I want to learn more about being in business in a more professional way. I also have a lot affiliate websites already that generates income every month and then I recently started building websites and webshops for customers. So I think it’s makes perfect sense to a start a company right now.

Here is my plan for my own websites the next couple of months. My plan for Haandboldnationen.dk is to connect a forum section on the site and the website also need some visual upgrades, so I can increase my affiliate conversion rate. My plan for Blivstor.dk is to write some more content and do a lot of linkbuilding. My plan for laansamleren.dk is to build the website from scratch and integrate some price comparison api to the website. Another big thing I like to do is to add email marketing to all my websites. It’s an area I really think can help grow my online business.

My plan for my web development business is to build a nice danish website for TB Coding and keep doing a lot of work for customers. I have a lot to learn and I need to keep my hands dirty.

My longer term plan is to start businesses in investing and robotics. I have a big interest in both industries and I would love to build something in these two industries.

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