TB Coding is now 1-year-old

I have now worked 1 year with freelance software development in my own sole proprietorship company TB Coding. It has been an educational year at full speed.

Own company and Computer Science Degree

I started TB Coding 17 August 2015 just before the start of my 5th semester at my computer science degree. There was a 2-month internship period at the start of the 5th semester of computer science degree. Here I got an internship in my own business TB Coding.

It was two good months where I got TB Coding started with various WordPress tasks for customers, and then I made a website for my own company TB Coding. I also did a lot of work on my own websites at my internship.

The internship also gave me some new challenges as a leader, because I had a computer science student as an intern in my company. That gave me some experience with tasks planning, employee training, delegation of tasks and so on.

After the internship I continued working at TB Coding, where I also did my final project for last semester at my computer science degree.

Full-time at my own company

After the AP Computer Science Degree (January 2016) I decided to go full time with my own business TB Coding. It was a perfect fit for me, because TB Coding have been going on for six months already. I had a decent income at that time from my own website projects, and a few customer projects that I could work on.

The first 2-3 months went on with WordPress tasks for different customers, and a lot of work on my own websites. The first 2-3 months was also used to find a rhythm / flow of life as an entrepreneur. It takes a little time to get used to being an entrepreneur after many years of school.

I spent most of my time now with WordPress programming tasks, building wordpress websites and WooCommerce webshops and seo work for customers.

I’ve have hired a few writers at my company TB Coding, so I do not have to spend so much time writing content to my websites.

Birthday party celebration at TB Coding

The birthday party was celebrated with gray goose vodka, red wine and Moet & Chandon champagne from vinoli.dk. The party was held at my office with friends and family.

I’m going for a Dom Perignon Champagne next year!

Birthday party celebration at TB Coding

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