Vinoli – a new way to buy wine

It may for many be quite confusing to navigate between the wide selection of different wines with very little expertise in the area. This has Vinoli found a solution to!


Quality wine to you

The way to buy wine to have been the same for many years, and has never been particularly modernized. Vinoli has therefore made it more transparent for wine lovers. In collaboration with a wine supplier with more than 45 years of experience and a unique knowledge of wine, you now have the opportunity as a consumer to get quality wine delivered right to your door once a month.

At Vinoli it is possible to get quality wine right to your door with your own preferences. You can choose whether you only want to have a Spanish or Italian wine, or whether you want wine from all around the world. Similarly, you can choose the period of your wine subscription – delivered in a single month or 3-6 months. Once you have selected your own VINBOX, we begin to choose your wines, which we do in cooperation with our supplier. Further, your selected wines are quality tested by our external reviewers. The last step in the process is delivering the wine to you. VINBOXEN is delivered monthly and there will continuously be a replacement of wines, leaving you with a subscription with Vinoli where you can experience the world of wine. In addition, you also get our wine guide – a description of each wine and not least the unique taste experience. The wine guide is made by our supplier and two external reviewers.

One of the recent developments that Vinoli added, is TEMA BOXEN – the perfect wine gift. We all have at some point been in a situation where we lack a gift for a special occasion. Here have experts from Vinoli tested and composed some wines that fit together for the occasion.

Vinoli vinboxen

Consumer trend of the future

In the rest of the world is buying groceries on the Internet become more and more popular, and has also become a popular consumer trend in Denmark. Likewise, the trade of wine also become very popular, where several companies are ready with their concept. At Vinoli the concept has been more popular than we dared hope for, and our customers show happily their satisfaction!

Customer satisfaction

With a lifespan of almost one and a half years and more than 1,000 satisfied customers, is the concept of quality wines right to the doorstep becoming everyday life for many. This is also reflected in our many customer reviews:

“Its super easy with VINBOXEN. Right to the doorstep every month. And you get to try out some new wines. Instead of the same wine all the time. It is smart with a description of the wines and that there is a page with what is on offer. So you can always be tempted to..” Susan Thomsen

“It has been exciting to receive VINBOXEN. The Spanish were a positive surprise, and I had not tried without VINBOXEN, so already the first box was a positive experience. I look forward to the next box. Damn good initiative! “Mads Rishøj

Vinoli high customer satisfaction

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