The perfect wine gift

We have recently been working on a brand-new concept in called TEMABOXEN. It’s brand new versions of VINBOXEN, which is on sale for 349 dk a piece. We current sell wine gifts for 299 dkk a piece. TEMABOXEN is bit more expensive because it’s a more tailored solution for the different target groups.

We have developed the following variations of TEMABOXEN: Advent Box, Christmas Box, Hunting Box, Friend Box and Date Box. TEMABOXEN contains 3 bottles of wine, and they are built to specific audiences. The Hunting Box contains 3 bottles hunting wines, which fits well to wild food – the Christmas Box contains three bottles of wine for the Christmas dinner.

TEMABOXEN is a completely new concept in the Danish wine business, which makes it easier to buy wine for different occasions. The Hunting Box makes it easier for hunters to buy good hunting wine, because we have collected three of the best wines, all tested and selected by our own wine experts.

The perfect Wine gift

TEMABOXEN is the perfect wine gift to the man or woman who loves good wine. We have, as I said a wide selection, which means that there is something for everyone. We have plans to develop even more variations of TEMABOXEN in the long term so that we can reach out to all Danes.

TEMABOXEN is wrapped in a box that can easily be wrapped in gift paper, for example if you are planning to give it as a gift. The wine in TEMABOXEN are packed into rooms so the wine don’t break under delivery.

TEMABOXEN is the perfect Wine gift, and it goes well with chocolate, nuts, fruits and what else usually put in a gift basket with wine.

Try new wine

TEMABOXEN is also a great way to try new good wine. We do a lot of work with our selection of wine, so our customers can get the best experience with wine. Our focus is not the packaging, like many of the other wine dealers. TEMABOXEN is high quality wine – not bad wine in a nice package.

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